Hello! I'm Usarae, (pronounced oo-sa-ray) I am a British Pakistani artist based in London. My practise is multidisciplinary, often delving into different mediums such as photography, textiles & collage - my favourite is painting with gouache & acrylics. Inspiration for my work stems from a colourful childhood; I was born in Pakistan where fabric and colour plays a huge role in everyday life. I would join my mum on trips to markets and remember walking through bustling bazaars, stacked high with endless rolls of beautifully printed fabric. These early memories of fabric have stuck with me and I find them creeping into my artwork all the time. I am fascinated by pockets of immigrant culture and through my art I explore the experience first generation immigrants like myself. I look at themes of identity through analysing my possessions - that's where a lot of inspiration for my  still life paintings comes from. I believe beauty can manifest itself in the most mundane objects, familiar places and in the darkest of times. I hope to add a bit of 'ordinary wonderful' into my square metre of the universe.

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact me here!