Commissioning art is a very exciting experience! You end up with an artwork that is one of a kind and bespoke to you. If you're considering a commission I've outlined the process below so you have a better idea of what to expect. If you'd like to know more please send me an email  or complete the commission form here, and I'll be more than happy to help.





It's really important to refine the details and get ideas for size, colour, objects to include and main substance of your painting. It's really helpful if you have an idea of a painting of mine you prefer, or visual references - no worries if you don't, I have a form you can fill in below to help get a better idea!


Me and the client will then sign an agreement, outlying the painting details, delivery date, and a deposit of 50 % is paid. Then the fun stuff begins!


At this stage I create 3 mini options of your painting using CAD. This is helpful for visualising your piece and imagining the layout. We can alter the design at this stage to make sure it's perfect for you.


The next step is my favourite part, the painting! Depending on the size of your piece it can take from 2 weeks up to 2 months -  this is due to the intricate nature of my style of painting. I make sure to send progress photographs so you can see how your piece is coming along.


Last but not least, when your painting is complete, depending on where you are based, I will either personally deliver it or have it shipped! This is also when the final payment is given.


A5 - £40.00

A4 - £60.00

A3 - £80.00

A2 - £120.00

A1 - £240.00

70cm x 100cm - £300.00

As each piece varies these prices may change - please take them as estimates. 

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